JP Morgan Chase and Corporation is an American multinational bank and financial services holding company founded on December 1st, 1992. The company headquarter is located in New York City. It is ranked the largest bank in the U.S and the sixth-largest bank of the world by S&P Global.

JP Morgan Chase major investment banking and financial services

JP Morgan Chase offers below stated primary banking services:

JP Morgan Chase Investment Banking

JP Morgan Chase is supporting a broad range of institutions, corporations, and governments by providing capital raising, strategic advice, and risk management expertise. It counts as its greatest assets, the breadth and depth of its client base. JP Morgan Chase works with an extensive range of issuer clients, that includes institutions, corporations, and governments, and provides strategic solutions and advice. JP Morgan always approaches to serve clients and focus on doing first-class business in a first-class way.

JP Morgan Chase serves the evolving needs of customers around the world across:

  • Consumer and Retail.
  • Energy
  • Financial Institutions and Governments
  • Diversified Industries
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Sponsors
  • Technology, Media and Telecom
  • Real Estate and Lodging

JP Morgan Chase Securities Services

JP Morgan Chase delivers investors solutions that help clients optimize their efficiency, protect their portfolios, and increasing opportunities in a diverse global market. It supports clients across a global custody network spanning around a hundred demands, with custody and fund accounting and administration, asset servicing, integrated analytics, investment services, collateral management, agency lending, and depositary receipt solutions. It includes:

  • Asset and fund managers
  • Banks and broker-dealers
  • Asset owners
  • Insurance and GSEs
  • Hedge funds and alternative investors

JP Morgan Chase Merchant Services

JP Morgan Chase offers merchant services that help clients to manage cost, drive sales, better navigate the omnichannel payment landscape. Payments are not only transactions, and they are an essential key to your business growth. JP Morgan chase will help you to get it right with your clients, regardless of where they are and or how they made payment. JP Morgan Chase also helps you to manage the end-to-end payments process, which enables you to manage your payment processing costs better. Managing payments is not only accepting, authorizing, and settling, it goes well beyond that. JP Morgan Chase offers you a solid payment strategy that will help to propel your business forward.

JP Morgan Private Banking

JP Morgan chase online enable clients to access their account balances, transactions, holdings, statement, and performance. While JP international private banking online system offers clients to view and save detailed portfolio information and access performance reports, trade advice, and statements.

JP Morgan Chase Corporate and Investment Bank

JP Morgan Chase Markets is the brand new platform that delivers JP Morgan’s financial markets solutions across the full –trade lifecycle, powerful analytics, award-winning research, multiproduct trading, structuring tools, and extensive post-trade capabilities. It is more efficient, convenient, and transparent, and clients can access a single login and mobile access and conduct their business in an evolving marketplace.

JP Morgan Chase Pros and Cons


JP Morgan Chase investment banking has been increasing, both with debt and equity offerings. JP Morgan has been instrumental in snagging some assignments. JP Morgan’s Credit quality is continuing to improve. In terms of lower amounts of non-performing assets and fewer charge-offs. This trend should lead to maximizing profitability in the upcoming quarters.


JP Morgan Chase Mortgages business isn’t as bad as other banks, such as Bank of America. The exposure is still a significant drag. JP Morgan Chase continues to take charges for litigations fees and losses. There is uncertainty about the overall exposure to possible mortgage putbacks. JP Morgan Chase loan growth is still moderate. Recently there was a 1% decline. While things should get better, it will likely be at a sluggish rate.

A Comparison: JP Morgan VS Bank of America

JP Morgan Chase offers efficient desktops and mobile banking with cardless ATM access and other features that make banking more easier. While Bank of America has a smaller selection of savings accounts and checking. JP Morgan Chase has lower fee initial deposit requirements, while Bank of America hs higher initial deposit requirements. JP Morgan Chase offers up to $600 signup bonuses when opening new savings and checking accounts. While Bank of America offers very fewer bonuses upon signing up.


JP Morgan Chase offers more services than any of its competitors. It provides auto loans, mortgages, and one of the extensive selections of credit cards. JP Morgan Chase has 16,000 ATMs and nearly 4,900 branches. It also provides great bonuses for checking and savings.

That’s all about JP Morgan Chase bank and credit card. If you guys still have any questions about this article, you can ask us in the comment box. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Positively, every bank brings particular products for the consumer, which provide value in terms of financial convenience. Therefore, a bank account is necessary to handle personal and business finances. However, every bank has different terms of service and fees.

Thankfully, in this global age, we can know every detail without going to the bank. In short, you can browse through the internet to find actual banking experience from other users. That’s why we are writing this post.

Actually, we will show you the pros and cons of every account of Goldman Sachs. So, you can know what benefits you or not. Keep reading further.

About Goldman Sachs

In fact, Marcus Goldman incorporated Goldman Sachs in 1869, which was initially a financial institution. Together with all business, Goldman Sachs evolved as an investment bank over the years. Particularly, it provided banking services to the public since its inception.

During the financial crisis, the bank appeared as a holding company, which bailed out many businesses. Generally, the bank also provides personal and business loans. Therefore, it is one stop that can provide finance to the business on competitive conditions. Above all, it also provided a line of credit for many working men in the US.

Overall banking

The overall banking experience is positive for many users. Also, it has loan programs for account holders, which allow then to get funds in a time of crisis. Although APR rates are steep. But the availability of funds is convenient than ever. Above all, Goldman Sachs is a good option when it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

In summary, anyone with an income source can become an account holder, which leads to personal loans. For instance, if you are a salaried person, then you can get an amount equal to your salary as a personal loan.

Thankfully, for a business venture, Goldman Sachs provides finance options on collateral. Therefore, a business can work directly with the bank’s finances on competitive terms.


  • For all savers, the bank offers competitive interest rates, which are on savings account and CDs.
  • The minimum deposit limit is relatively low on savings account and CDs.
  • Particularly, Goldman Sachs has a mobile app, which has more features as compared to other banks.
  • There are rewards for savers, which provide a high yield.


  • The account holder has to pay fees for using ATM service, which applies to all on-network and off-network ATMs.
  • Goldman Sachs offers a few products, which is a downside.
  • There is no checking account available.

Savings accounts

You can open a savings account with $1 and start earning right away. In particular, Goldman Sachs has high APY than other banks. Therefore, a savings account holder can earn better on his savings, which can be withdrawn periodically.

Goldman Sachs provides consistent payout. That’s why a saver can expect consistency in his investment.


  • You will get a competitive yield with consistent earning on your savings.
  • The bank has a unique policy to provide high APY with a minimum balance, which is $1. That’s why a saver can earn high interest on minimum deposits.
  • The savings account has the highest APY, which is multiple times more than the national average.


  • Although APYs are higher, you can also get the highest APYs from other banks.
  • The maximum limit for a savings account is $1 million, which becomes a problem for a big investor.
  • There is no ATM card or the debit card associated with the savings account.
  • Other banks also have top-tier programs, which are not available from Goldman Sachs.

CD rates

The bank offers CDs on various terms. Therefore, you can open a CD with a minimum amount, which starts at $500. Thankfully, there fewer penalties, which benefit the account holder.

On all CD, you can withdraw interest without a penalty. Therefore, a saver can see it as the most befitting CD in the market. Moreover, if there is a change in rates, then you can benefit from it within 10 days of opening your account.


  • You will enjoy daily compounded interest, which is rare from other CDs.
  • You will avail of CDs without an early withdrawal penalty.
  • You can initiate a CD with the lowest amount.


  • Although yields are good. However, you can also get higher yields from other banks.
  • Penalty-free CDs have a low yield, which is a cliché.
  • You have to link your account with the CD.

Bank experience

The bank launched an iOS app recently, which allows the user to handle a savings account, CDs, and online banking. In fact, the app has a set of features, which are truly unique. That’s why account holders have a better option in digital banking services. Above all, the app allows you to check balance, transfer funds, and make loan payments. In short, a user can pretty much do everything through a mobile app.

Meanwhile, the customer support is top-notch and exceptional. Therefore, you can contact the help desk seven days of the week. Above all, the bank has a panel of saving specialists, who are available for chat. This way, an account holder has complete guidance available.

A few years ago, the bank bought Clarity Money, which is a company for financial tracking. Therefore, you can track all your finances, whether they are from any account.

The Clarity Money app is also a versatile option, which allows you to open accounts through a digital link.

Thankfully, all staff behavior is also helpful for the user, which is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. This rating is known from reliable data collection agency.

Fortunately, the terms of personal loans are not too steep. Therefore, any account holder can depend on the bank during rainy days. Although APRs are higher, funds are available in minimum time.

For a businessman, the bank provides financing options on collateral assets. Therefore, if you have some assets, then your finance line will be live with Goldman Sachs.

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Last words

We have described all the pros and cons of different accounts of Goldman Sachs. Now, you know what you will get into with an account at Goldman Sachs. Have a good day, and work towards your success.

BofA (Bank of America) is an American multinational financial service and investment bank company. The headquarter of Bank of America is in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bank of America’s central hubs is located in London, New York City, Minneapolis, Hong Kong, and Toronto. Bank of America was founded in the year of 1998 by Amadeo Giannini through the merger of Nations Bank and Bank America. Bank of America has 46,000 retail financial centers and approximately 15,900 automated teller machines.

About Bank of America

Bank of America’ products includes:

  • Consumer banking
  • Insurance
  • Corporate Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Wealth Management
  • Equity
  • Credit Cards

Who is Bank of America Best For?

Bank of America is ideal for customers who want to bank with a large bank and want to have access to multiple account options. It is also a good option for those who:

  • Wants to deposit in-person at a branch or want easy access to ATMs.
  • Students who need a saving account, checking account, credit card, or all three.
  • Those who love shopping and pay through credit cards and want to take advantage of credit card points and rewards.

Bank of America’s Pros and Cons


  •  Bank of America has several branches and ATM locations.
  • It offers various credit card options that include rewards card
  • Bank of America has an excellent repertoire of cash reward credit cards.


  • Minimum opening balance requirements are high, and CD rates are low.
  • Overdraft fees of $35 can be charged four times daily, depending on your account type.
  • Checking accounts have monthly maintenance fees and can be avoided with a minimum direct deposit of average daily balance.

Bank of America’s Accounts Types

Bank of America provides a variety of account to its customers that include:

  • Advantage banking account
  • Student banking account
  • Child savings account
  • Rewards saving account
  • Lower interest rate cards
  • Travel, Airlines, and points reward credit cards
  • IRAs
  • CDs
  • Cards to build or rebuild credit

Bank Of Americas International Offices

  • Global Corporate and Investment Banking headquarter is located in NewYork
  • Bank of America’s European headquarter is located in Dublin
  • Bank of America’s Asian headquarter is located in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Bank of America Operations

1- Consumer Banking

Consumer banking is the largest division in Bank of America. It provides small businesses that include business loans, mortgages, investment and lending products, and credit cards. Bank of America’s consumer banking represents 38% of the company’s total revenue. Bank of America earns revenue from service charges, interest income, and fees. Bank of America’s consumer banking organization includes approximately 15,900 automated teller machines and 4,600 retail financial centers.

2- Global Banking

Bank of America’s Global Banking division offers investment banking and lending products to businesses. It also includes the activities of Global corporate banking, Business Banking, Global Commercial banking, and investment banking. Bank of America’s Global Banking division represents 22% of the company’s total revenue as of 2016.

3- (GWIM) Global Wealth and Investment Management

Bank of America’s division of (GWIM) Global Wealth and Investment Management division of Bank of America deals with investment assets of individuals and institutions. The division includes the businesses of the U.S and Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management. Global Wealth and Investment Management (GWIM) represents 21% of the company’s total revenue as of 2016. The division has approximately $205 trillion in client balances. Bank of America’s division of Global Wealth and Investment Management (GWIM) has five lines of business, including:

  • The Private Bank
  • Family Wealth Advisors
  • Bank of Americas Specialist
  • Premier Banking and Investments
  • Bank of Americas Investment Services

4- Bank of America’s Global Banking

Bank of America’s Global Banking business focuses on long-term relationships with multinational corporations, financial sponsors, and financial institutions. They offer treasury, debt, strong advisory expertise, corporate banking, capitalizing on robust mergers and acquisitions, equity product expertise, to deliver business solutions. Bank of America’s Global Banking responsibilities also includes interaction and communication with deal team members, preparation of presentation, and other materials for clients, and performing financial analysis that provides merger consequences and valuations.

5- Bank of America’s Mortgage Loans

Bank of America presents a wide variety of mortgage loan options that includes:

Fixed-rate mortgage loan: Bank of America’s Fixed-rate mortgage loan is dependable and straightforward. It has a fixed interest rate that doesn’t change, and your interest payments and principal stay the same.

Adjustable-rate mortgage: Bank of America’s Adjustable-rate mortgage loan starts with an initial interest rate that’s lower than fixed-rate, but once your induction period ended the price can change. Your monthly payment may decrease or increase when that happens.

FHA Loan: Bank of America’s FHA loan or Federal Housing Administration-insure loan is a good option if you have a low income for a lower credit score or a small down payment.

VA Loans: Bank of America offers VA loan service to former or current military or National guards(and their spouse). Bank of America’s VA loans has minimal or no down payment required.

Jumbo Loan: Bank of America also offers a Jumbo loan plan to those who need loans more prominent than the conforming loan limit in a specific country. Bank of America’s conforming loan limit is $510,400, and in some pricey areas, it goes up to $765,600. The jumbo loan usually comes with higher interest rates.

Affordable Loan Solution: Bank of America launched an Affordable loan solution in 2016 for low-income buyers. Bank of America is partnered with Freddie Mac and Self-Help Ventures Fund for Affordable loan solution mortgage that enables buyers to pay as little as 3% for single-family homes in down payment. Also, you cant own additional property if you have this loan. Affordable loan solution is available for fixed-rate mortgages with 25-30 year terms.

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Bank of America’s Labor Wage Policy

Bank of America announces the minimum wage of labor will be increased beginning May 1st, 2019, to $17/hour until it reaches $20/hour in 2021.

Final Words:

That’s all about bank of America, if you still have any question you can ask us in comment box, we’ll get back to you ASAP!

The banking system is complex enough for a simple man because there are many terms and conditions that are associated with every account. When you open an account in a bank, then you just know the words of your agreement. But with the passage of time, you get to know the limitations and associated fees, which compels you to choose the bank that is less expensive and provides all the benefits.

In this article, we are reviewing Citigroup. You will get to know the pros and cons of every account related to this bank. You must pay attention. It will educate you.

About Citibank

It is an old financial institution, which was founded as a National City bank in 1812. This bank became the largest banking institution by the 19th century. In 2008, this bank changed its name to Citibank. Now, it has branches all over the US, along with overseas offices in multiple countries. Its current headquarter is in South Dakota.

There are 700 branches in the US, along with 1800 branches overseas. The bank also does financing for various industries. Account-holders can access banking services from its more than 65000 ATMs.

Citibank offers five-tier services, which are access account, basic banking, the Citibank account, Citi priority, and Citi gold.

Overall banking

Citibank is among the largest financial institutions of the world. It has almost 1Trillion dollars in assets. That’s why it provides banking products for states and large businesses. Moreover, it also provides different banking products to general consumers.


  • It provides global coverage to its account holders due to a large network of branches. Almost every recognizable city has its branch.
  • The banking portal has the finest mobile apps and banking management apps, which provide top-notch customer services.
  • All account holders can get customizable alerts, which allow them to decide better for their financial health.


  • You will get yields on banking products as low rates, which is lowest in national average.
  • You will have to pay a monthly fee of your balance falls down below than minimum balance.
  • You will have to deposit at least $100 for opening a savings account.

Savings account

The bank offers Citi accelerate savings account in its packages, which require you to deposit at least $100 dollars as a start. You will get an APY of 2.05 percent on select markets. And you will have to maintain a minimum of $500 to waive the fee. If you cannot maintain a minimum balance, then you will have to pay a $4.5 monthly fee.


  • You will get a top-tier APY on this account.
  • You will get Citibank Thankyou points, which will qualify you for a checking account.
  • You have the facility to deposit checks by using the check deposit service of Citibank.


  • You will get top APY on select markets, which are limited.
  • You have to choose from five different banking packages, which are complex rather than simple.
  • The banking procedure is complicated. You cannot get all the packages in one account.

CD rates

The bank offers CDs on various terms. You can get a CD with a minimum $500 deposit in most states. However, you have to pay $1000 in California and $2500 in Maryland. The interest is paid out monthly. But you have to waive 90 days’ interest on early withdrawal, which is 180 days waive for a 5-year deposit.


  • You will get compounded interest daily.
  • You can open a CD with the lowest deposit.
  • You can earn more interest with high term CDs.


  • You will get low yields as compared to other banks.
  • The automatic renewal of grace period is short, which is 10 days.
  • You have to fund your CD with a linked Citibank account.

Checking accounts

The bank offers a tiered-checking account in its packaging with better interest rates. There is no limit for minimum deposit. However, you have to maintain a $50000 balance to waive monthly fees, which are $30 per month. You can use out-of-network ATMs for free with this account. There are multiple levels of this account, which require a higher minimum balance up to $200000.


  • You can open an account with $0.
  • You will earn interest with tiered rates.
  • You can use out-of-network ATMs for free.


  • You have to pay a $30 monthly fee.
  • You will be charged for insufficient funds, which can reach up to $136 per day.

Money Market accounts

There is no account that is named as a money market account in Citibank. However, your savings account will have all the privileges of money market accounts. You will also get promotional interest rate, which expires after three months.


  • You will get a check-writing facility.
  • You will get competitive interest rate with low APY, which is short-lived. It only has a three-month period.
  • You will get check-writing privilege with the inception of savings account.


  • You have to keep an eye on standard APY rather than a short-lived introductory interest rate.
  • You will not get a competitive APY because there is no offer from Citibank.
  • Other banks offer much higher non-introductory APY.

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Bank experience

Citibank does not disappoint its customers because it is a big bank, which offers five levels of banking. That facility is absent in many other banking institutions. All customers can get cash and use services from 65000 ATMs, which are present nationwide. The customer support is exceptional, which is available 24/7. When a customer calls the service, then he/she gets the response quickly. The bank tries to solve all problems in the minimum time possible.

Citibank’s mobile app stands out from the crowd, and it provides services to all customers. Moreover, non-customers can also use the app for getting data and spending insights. The app also provides a solution for payment gateways, which is a good facility for online shopping.

Our verdict

We have described all the pros and cons of different accounts of Citibank. And we think that it is a good option for business persons with high volume of funds. However, small-time customers have to pay monthly fees, which are greater than other banks. Have a good day, and work towards our success.

Banking has now become a need of every person. Correctly, a working man needs a bank account for handling his expenses and earnings. Above all, a working person also needs a line of credit, which can support him in times of crisis when funds are in need. However, every bank charges different rates and provide different services. That’s why you have to know the comparative knowledge and reviews of your bank. So, you can decide the best for yourself financially.

We have brought you the review of Wells Fargo. And we will describe the upside and downside of its every service. So, you must keep reading further. It will educate you.

About Wells Fargo

This bank was founded in 1852 as a bank and express delivery service. It a seasoned bank, which is working with numerous branches all over the US. The bank offers a wide range of services, which include checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, money market accounts, and mortgages. Moreover, it also provides financing for small businesses.

In 2016, it was fined for $100 for opening unauthorized accounts by Bureau of Consumer Protection. In 2008, it acquired many other financial services, which grew its business.

Overall Banking service

This bank has more branches than other banks in the US. And it is upgrading its technology for consumers, which results in a better experience.

What do we like?

  • It has the largest physical presence, with 6000 branches and 13000 ATMs.
  • It has a consumer-friendly overdraft policy, which serves the best near the payday by streamlining the flow of credits and debits.
  • You can avoid fees on checking accounts.
  • It is the industry leader in money management apps like Mint, which allows the sharing of bank data.

What do we not like?

  • You will get low yields on deposits and savings certificates, which is also lower than other banks.
  • The out of network ATM fees are higher, which are $2.5 per transaction.
  • It does not have a presence in 13 states, which creates problems for the consumer out of its state.

Saving accounts

You can initiate a savings account in Wells Fargo at $25. But you have to pay a $5 monthly fee. However, you can avoid monthly fees by maintaining daily $300 in your savings account. The savings account has a lower APY than the national average.

What do we like?

  • You will get check-writing privileges on the Platinum savings account.
  • You will get an ATM card on the Platinum saving account and other saving accounts.
  • The condition for minimum balance is lower than other popular banks, which is $300.

What do we not like?

  • You can get Higher APYs from other banking institutions.
  • The savings account provides much lower APY than the national APY.
  • You have to maintain a daily amount to waive recurring fees. Other banks do not have such requirements.

CD rates

This bank has CDs and special CDs with conditions that other banks do not offer. You can get step rate CDs, which provide increased yield. You can get an earned interest rate before its maturity. Your bonus rate is mentioned in your Portfolio of Wells Fargo. If you withdraw a CD before 12 months, then you have to pay a 3-month penalty.

What do we like?

  • You will get an automatically increased rate on the step rate CD.
  • You will get compounded interest on a daily basis.
  • You can get interest paid out monthly or less than a month period.

What do we not like?

  • You will get lower yields as compared to other banks.
  • There are a few standard term CDs.

Checking accounts

You can open a checking account with $25. But you have to pay a $15 monthly fee. You can avoid monthly fees by three methods, which are depositing $10000, or a direct deposit of $1000, or link a mortgage with the account. Your checking account will also be affected by your credit history. You can also avoid daily checking fees with a monthly $10 fee.

What do we like?

  • You can get interest with a high balance, which must be above $500.
  • You can avoid monthly fees with a direct deposit.
  • You can also avoid monthly fees with a linked mortgage.

What do we not like?

  • You will get a lower interest rate, which is higher in other banks.
  • You will be charged $35 for an overdraft, which can reach $105 daily.

Money market accounts

You will get check-writing privilege on Platinum saving. That’s why it is treated as a money market account. Other saving accounts do not have such privilege. The Platinum saving account offers APY, which is more than six times the national average that also lasts 12 months or $25000. Wells Fargo has the highest yield at $100000.

What do we like?

  • Your APY on the Platinum saving account is competitive.
  • You can deposit as minimum as $25.
  • You will get introductory APY higher than the national average.

What do we not like?

  • You can get a more stable APY than Wells Fargo bonus APY from other banks.
  • If you have checking account elsewhere, then it is not the right account for you.
  • You have to maintain a minimum of $3500 to avoid fees.
  • You will get the APY if you have $25000. And you will not get the APY on $2499.99.

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Bank experience

Wells Fargo is known for its customer scandals. But it has the best digital banking services. That’s why you can operate the account from any place in the world if you have an internet connection.

The mobile app is solid, and it has gained popularity, along with praise from all reviewers. And the bank is continuously adding more and more features, which is making customer’s life easier. You can also track your shared banking information.

Wells Fargo has a great physical presence due to 13000 ATMs. Moreover, it also wishes customers on their birthdays.

Final thought

We think that Well Fargo is the right bank for you if you want the best digital services and ATM services. However, it has higher fees as compared to other brick and mortar banks. Have a good day, and work towards your success.

Modern-day states levy tax on individuals, which are used to run the government. It is the tax money which is used to pay for all public expenditures.

If you are a working person, then you have to file for taxes every year. But there are always new rules and regulations, which appear to increase or decrease the tax amount. A person misses out the tax refund, which he is entitled. That’s why tax software is present to calculate the right amount of tax.

Top Picks For Tax Return Softwares

In this article, we will show you the best tax return software. You must pay attention to the detail. It will benefit you financially.

Intuit TurboTax Deluxe 2020 (Tax Year 2019)

It is our top pick because it provides full user-experience. You can find all the forms and guideline, which will allow you to save money.

The company improved the interview section this year. That’s why you will get the simplest procedure to do your taxes.

All schedules are updated regularly. That’s why you will never miss out important tax update.

The overall user experience is exceptional. And it provides year’s round video support.

H&R Block Deluxe 2020 (Tax Year 2019)

It is our second pick because it provides comprehensive detail on e-filer’s claim on income, deduction, and credits.

The navigation of this software is super-easy. Any person with minimum computer knowledge can operate this software and do his taxes.

All tax topics are covered by this software. And you will never find anything missing. This way, you can fulfil your tax duties efficiently.

This software also provides context-sensitive help and tax return overview.

If you want a simpler solution for your taxes, then you must buy this software.

TaxAct Deluxe+ 2020 (Tax Year 2019)

It is our third pick because it is a good software for both new and experienced users. A new user can take benefit of this software and do his taxes without any error. Generally, new users end up filling the tax form wrong, which cost them financially. But this software is a great help for novice tax filers.

Many tax software are expensive programs. But this software is quite affordable.

All navigation tools are simpler and convenient. And all data entry options are easy to understand. Now, it has a new interface.

 TaxSlayer Classic 2020 (Tax Year 2019)

It is our fourth pick because it is an inexpensive software, which is quite affordable for a middle-class man.

When you install this software, then you will get all IRS forms, which will be a great convenience.

The overall user experience is great. You can navigate through different option easily. And the interface is attractive.

It also has a mobile app. But it does not provide much context-sensitive help.

Credit Karma Tax 2020 (2019 Tax Year)

It is our fifth pick because it is a free tax return program. Anyone can download it and use it for free.

The interface is clean. And you can navigate through the program easily.

This software has all IRS and state forms, which always come handy for a busy man. Moreover, it also provides all the schedules.

But it has downsides too. It does not provide some important state forms.

FreeTaxUSA Deluxe 2020 (Tax Year 2019)

It is our sixth pick because it files federal tax returns for free. You do not need to hand your files in the tax office personally. All your filling will be done online.

It also files state returns, but it comes with a fee. However, the fee is very affordable.

This software supports all major forms and schedules. That’s why you will never miss out important dates.

But it does not have a start-to-finish interview option.

Jackson Hewitt Online Premier 2020 (Tax Year 2019)

It is our seventh pick because it has extensive coverage of tax topics. If you want quality software and also you can pay a good amount, then you must buy this software. It will provide you with the best features and options. Your money will get you more value in the form of this software.

This software provides a comprehensive interview option, which is stress-relief.

You can also do background bookkeeping with this software.

Liberty Tax 2020 (Tax Year 2019)

It is our eighth pick because it provides accessible guidance. You can get all the answers from the support team.

The interface is clean and impressive. You will get a pleasant working environment while using this software. Moreover, the navigation is also convenient and super-easy. You will not find any difficulty exploring this software for all options.

The interview section is also impressive. This software provides great interview options. Moreover, the review process is also exceptional.

But this software is an expensive thing to buy. So, you must also consider your budget.


It is our ninth pick because this software does multiple forms under the price of one. You can use it to file taxes for all your friends and family. And it will save you money and time.

All other features are quite impressive. You can get all IRS forms and state forms. And this software will also tell you all the schedules. So, you can never miss out your important dates.

There are two versions of this software. The deluxe versions provide more options. So, we recommend you to use the version with more options.

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One source

It is our tenth pick because it is the practical and simplest tool to use by any person. A layman can understand all the functions and do his taxes without any error.

If you want to do complex corporate taxes, then you should buy this software. It will provide you with more options.

This software also has advanced management tools.

Wrap up

We have described the detail of the best software for tax returns. Now, you can choose any software according to your budget and convenience. We do not recommend any particular software. All our picks are practical options. Have a good day, and work towards your success.

TrashBilling account can be accessed using a 12 digit ID which is on your Trash Bill. If your trash bill has a message from hauler saying “Pay online at” this will give you the access to this service.

We deal with the payment method for the trash haulers and do not provide hauling services ourselves. Payment methods we provide are an online transaction to facilitate fast services. These methods can be:

  • pay directly from your checking or savings account
  • or you can be charged from your credit card which can be Visa, MasterCard, Discover Cards and American Express.

The transaction method is kept a secret from hauler; only after receiving payment, the message will be sent to him.

Trasahbilling login pay bills online

When the transaction is complete, an email generates and sent from the hauler’s side. Email verification may not be made or delayed because of non-business days (Saturday, Sunday or Holiday).

Also, some haulers facilitate account information sharing with trash haulers to make auto payment services. The auto payment services are available if you request them. In this case, formulated change is visible in the client’s bank statement. If you have any problem with it, we can contact your trash hauler, or you can contact us at where we will reverse the transaction with no question asked. Services

TrashBilling provides three kinds of services which include as following:

Online payment

Pay the payment online for the Trash Bill. For this service, you need to insert your 12 digit number found in Trash Bill and enter it in the field available on the home page of After that, follow the processes and fill the payment method. The hauler verifies the requirements of this payment method, so there isn’t any need to worry about them.

User Information

The Second service it provides is the detail of your information which is provided by the trash hauler (service provider) for the use by TrashBiling to facilitate transactions. This information can we viewed by the user by entering a 12 digit number found in the trash bill.

Transaction LookUp

The third service provided by the TrashBiling is you can look up the details of your billing information by merely looking it up by pressing the lookup button, which will take you to the new page. On this page, you have to choose which type of charge you are looking up in your bank statement.

For example, if the statement reads “ CC” then the charge you are looking up is a CreditCard type, so you need to fill the Credit/Debit card portion. Otherwise, it is either Electronic Transfer and fills up the fee in Electronic Transfer form, if it doesn’t work fill up the Credit/Debit Form for the information for the payment, you are looking.

Once the information provided is processed, you will get the information on which your transaction charges performed. Trashbiling also includes additional information on its sites for user assistance with five different functions define as About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Services, Hauler Info, and Contact Us. Each part then elaborates on each usage of TrashBiling.

Additional information:

Trashbiling has clear cut processes in the confidentiality of your data. We are aware of why and who is eligible to use our personal information. The personal information on trashbiling is treated as anonymous. Information usage in trashbiling is divided into subcategories based on their usage, as mentioned below:

  • comparing information for precision and confirm it with third parties
  • offer the services and customer care you request
  • process transactions and send notifications about your transactions
  • solving disputes, collect fees and troubleshoot problems
  • avoid potentially banned or illegitimate activities, and enforce our Terms of Service
  • modify, measure, and advance our services and the content and design of our website

Critical Term Of Services:


To be eligible to use trashbiling, you must be at least 18 years old with a proper credit or debit card or a legitimate U.S. bank account.

Identity Authentication:

By using TrashBilling you acknowledge, directly or through third parties, to make any investigations we consider necessary to authenticate your identity, This may include asking you for additional information, needing you to take steps to confirm ownership of your email address or financial instruments, gathering a credit report and proving your information against third party databases or through other causes. Any of this information will be used for fraud prevention or the avoidance of unlawful use of TrashBilling.

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Q: Can I pay my trash bill with my credit card?

A: Yes, You can swiftly pay your trash bill by log into using your 12 digit customer ID given by trash hauler.

Q: What is

A: enables you to pay the bills online related to trash haulers and waste management companies.

Q: Can I pay my garbage bill online?

A: Yes, you can pay your garbage bill online by using your Trashbilling customer ID.

Q: How do I pay my waste management bill online?

A: Trash bill provided by your trash hauler or waste management company can now quickly be paid by using your credit card or bank account.

Q: Is it safe to pay bills online by using Trashbilling?

A: is a secure and encrypted website backed by specialized designed systems to protect your account details, which provides reliable and safe online transactions.

Q: How can I pay my trash bills automatically?

A: You can set up automatic payments by changing settings in your account online.

Q: Is it better to pay trash bills online or by check?

A: paying your trash bills online is a much faster and reliable way for payments than mailing the check.

Q: How long does it take for a payment to go through an online portal?

A: Usually, transactions complete within a few seconds, but it can take up to 24 hours in some cases.

Q: Can I pay my trash bill with a check?

A: Yes, do facilitate check payments for trash haulers.

Q: What kind of payments can be accepted by trashbilling?

A:  Trashbilling accepts payments through saving or checking account. It also facilitates debit/credit cards, including discover, visa, master card, and American express.

Q: How can I get a customer ID for Trashbilling?

A: You can get it from your bill given by your hauler.

Q: How payment confirmation made after paying the bill online?

A: When payment released, an automated email generates and sent to the provided email address.