Best Payment Gateways In The USA

Top 10 Best Payment Gateways In The USA

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The economy is defined as the transfer of ownership. When one person has a thing or does a thing for another person. Then that another person is bound to pay his ownership in the form of money. This is how the world runs at its course. In simple words, everybody needs the transfer of money. Common cash on fist is fine, but it works only when two persons are physically at the same space. But there are payment gateways available if you have a bank account. This article will tell you about the ten best payment gateways in the USA. So keep reading to find out more.

Best Payment Gateways In The USA

It is at the top in the list of payment gateways in the USA. This service was incorporated in 1996 by its proud owners. During the past two decades, it flourished all over the USA. And now, it has more than 400000 users. Most of them are online merchants and e-commerce store owners. This service accepts online payments through credit cards and electronic checks. Its range is worldwide. You need topay $49 for the setup, and there is a $29 monthly fee. If you own a magneto store, then it is perfect for you.



It is the most used payment gateway in the USA. And t was incorporated in 1998 and launched in 1999. The reason for its popularity is the user-friendly system. Any user can pay or receive through credit cards and electronic checks. And users can also put a dispute after the payment. If you are an individual or a website, then it is perfect for you. There is no setup fee. But users have to pay 3.4% + 0.30$ per transaction. Around 341947 websites use this payment gateway for mass out payments

Securepay com

It is also an old payment gateway in the USA. The company founded this service in 1997. You can have online shopping carts, electronic check service, and mobile payments through this gateway. The company is in the process of providing credit card service. For setup, you need to sign up at the The service charges 0.25%—1% + 0.25$ per transaction. If you terminate the service, then you have to pay $400., Inc., Inc.

This payment gateway is in business for 15 years. It was founded in 1999. And it works in 196 countries. The service accepts PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards. You have to pay 2.5% + 30 cents per transaction.

First Data Corporation

First Data Corporation

It is the one oldest payment gateway in the USA. It was initially founded in 1969. In 1998 it started its services worldwide. This service accepts credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and many other prepaid cards. More than 6 million merchant locations worldwide use this gateway. You can use this service with affordable fees.

Blue Pay Processing LLC

Blue Pay Processing LLC

It is a rather new payment gateway in the USA. The company was founded in 2002. But it gained a reputation in a short span of time. The service accepts credit cards and e-checks to receive payment. To avail its services, you need to pay 15$ monthly fee.

Pay Simple

Pay Simple

It is a new age payment gateway. This service accepts credit cards and e-checks. If you want to use this service, then you have to pay 34.50$ per month as a service fee. This service is perfect for small-sized online stores.

Fastcharge com

If you have a tight budget, this use this payment gateway. This service was established in 2003. And it serves 5200 shopping carts online. There is no setup fee, but you have to pay 10$ monthly fee.



It is a payment processing service. The company is Swedish and works worldwide. This service is unique in nature because it offers 21 payment options to its customers. You need to sign up at their website, and then you can access the service. If you have a small-sized online business, then this service is best for you.

Chrono pay

Chrono pay

At the end of the list, we present you Chrono pay. An ideal payment gateway for online merchants, service providers, and business owners. This service accepts all bank cards. You can use Master Card, Visa Card, American Express Card, Discover Card, and many other bank cards. The setup is free, and you do not have to pay transaction fees. But you have to pay commission on monthly turnover.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which is the most used payment gateway?

Ans: PayPal is the most used payment gateway. It offers multiple options to users like payment dispute, auto payment, and bank transfer.

Q2: Can I transfer my payments through banks?

Ans: Yes, you can transfer your payments through banks.

Q3: How much a payment gateway charge?

Ans: The charging fee is variable. Some services charge per transaction, which is 2% to 3%. And some services charge by the month, which is a commission on monthly turnover.

Q4: I want to receive payment from Canada. What should I do?

Ans: You can ask for a wire transfer. If it is not possible, then choose the payment service in the above list and ask the sender to use the service. You will get your payment instantly.

Q5: Do payment gateways issue statements?

Ans: Yes, you can ask the statement from the payment gateways. Every service has a record of transactions. You can use the statement for legal use.

Q6: How do I do taxes on payments received through payment gateways?

Ans: You can use the statements from the payment gateways in your tax returns. Calculate the payments and calculate the taxes and pay them. The tax office accepts statements from payment gateways.

Q7: What is the setup fee of PayPal?

Ans: PayPal is free to sign up. You need to pay a fee for each transaction.

Q8: How can I receive payment from China?

Ans: You can use any payment gateway mentioned in our list. Then ask the sender to use the gateway. You can get your payment in the bank in two to three business days.

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