We live in a world of digitization. And we also have to save time. That’s why everybody looks for simple digital solutions for everyday problems.

We pay our utility bills through online transactions because it saves our time and effort. Similarly, we also have medical bills to pay. But hospitals have long receipts and a queue at the payment counter. Due to these two factors, a great amount of time and effort goes into the drain.

An online portal for all medical billings is the need of present times. If you are looking for such online service, then epayitonline is the comprehensive solution for you. It makes everything fast, convenient, and smooth.

epayit online medical

What is epayitonline? is an online portal, which serves hospitals, health care services, and people. Every health care service needs immediate payments to run its operations. That’s why epayitonline partners with them and digitize the medical billings—This way, a win-win situation is created. Customers become happy because of their time saving and convenience. And health care services get their payments quickly and securely.

A majority of health care providers are already on the list of You can find almost every big hospital in partnership with this online portal.

How to do medical billings by using

If you are a new user then you must know that you can use Visa, Master card, American express, Discover, Money orders, and Personal checks. Choose any payment method of your convenience.

Here are the steps to pay your medical bills.

  • Open the web browser.
  • Type
  • You will be directed to a bill pay page.
  • Bring out the statement provided by the health care provider.
  • On the statement, you will find Code ID and access number.
  • Carefully type the Code ID, and access number on the bill pay page. Otherwise, you will end up paying the wrong invoice.
  • The Code ID and access number will grant you log in.
  • Some health care providers will ask account number, patient name, Zip code, and address.
  • Enter the details like patient name, due bills, etc.
  • Now proceed towards the payment process.
  • You will see various payment method listed on the page.
  • Choose the payment method and give in the financial account details.
  • After entering the financial details hit submit. And your billings is complete.

Benefits of

There are various benefits associated with this online portal. Here is the list of some.

  • Payment process takes only a few minutes, and it saves you a magnitude of time.
  • You never have to stand in a queue and wait for your turn.
  • You have the most convenient and secure way to pay medical bills.
  • This service does not charge extra for clearing your bills. And it does not have hidden fees.
  • After the payment, you can print out the bill for the record.
  • You are allowed to view payment history and current status.
  • It has the facility for recurring payments.
  • It provides electronic statements for legal use.
  • You can update your account any time you want.
  • If you had multiple transactions with the service, then you can view all history in your account.
  • It is the most secure payment method with minimum chance of lost transaction.

Epayitonline [Medical Billing Online]

The refund policy of epayitonline

Generally, it happens that payments exceed the charges. In this case, every person wants a refund. But the time frame for refund is not clear.

For a refund, you have to contact the service through the website. Or write them at epayitonline privacy c/o data media inc, PO box 2305 Alphareta Georgia 30023 USA.

General refund claim takes four weeks to clear.

Epayitonline customer support

There is no telephonic customer support available.

  • If you have a problem or question, then you have to write a message on the official website. The technical team will get back to you. Usual response takes a few hours.
  • If you put an inquiry at 9:00 AM, then you will be answered on the same date.
  • The company has a team of professionals who solves every customer issue in the minimum time possible.
  • Wrong patient details, delay in the payment process, and slow loading of bill page are common problems faced by the customers.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: How much time is required to make payments?

Ans: It will take less than 10 minutes to pay all medical bills.

Q2: How many options are available for payments?

Ans: You have more than enough options available for payments. You can use Visa Card, Master Card, Discover Card, Personal Checks, and Money Orders.

Q3: How many days it will take to clear my payments?

Ans: your payments are credited to the health care providers in an instant. There is no time period delay or holding of payments as an escrow.

Q4: How can I have a record of my payments?

Ans: You have the choice to ask for an electronic statement. And you can print the statement for future legal and professional use.

Q5: My details on the statement are incorrect. What should I do?

Ans: You need to contact customer support through the official website. Your issue will be resolved under 24 hours.

Q6: How much I have to pay for this portal?

Ans: It is free for customers. There are no hidden charges. The company partners with health care providers and charges them; not the customers.

Q7: How many transactions can I do in a month?

Ans: You can do as many transactions as you have to. There is no limit for using this portal. You can pay all recurring payments without any limitation.

Q8: Do electronic statement serves as a legal document?

Ans: Yes, all electronic statements are legal documents. You can use them in court, the insurance company, and other health care providers.

Q9: What I have to do for a refund?

Ans: You have to contact the customer support and file for a refund. Your dues will be cleared in four weeks.

Q10: How many hospitals are connected with this service?

Ans: Almost every major hospital is at this portal. Only small scale providers are not on the list.

TrashBilling account can be accessed using a 12 digit ID which is on your Trash Bill. If your trash bill has a message from hauler saying “Pay online at” this will give you the access to this service.

We deal with the payment method for the trash haulers and do not provide hauling services ourselves. Payment methods we provide are an online transaction to facilitate fast services. These methods can be:

  • pay directly from your checking or savings account
  • or you can be charged from your credit card which can be Visa, MasterCard, Discover Cards and American Express.

The transaction method is kept a secret from hauler; only after receiving payment, the message will be sent to him.

Trasahbilling login pay bills online

When the transaction is complete, an email generates and sent from the hauler’s side. Email verification may not be made or delayed because of non-business days (Saturday, Sunday or Holiday).

Also, some haulers facilitate account information sharing with trash haulers to make auto payment services. The auto payment services are available if you request them. In this case, formulated change is visible in the client’s bank statement. If you have any problem with it, we can contact your trash hauler, or you can contact us at where we will reverse the transaction with no question asked. Services

TrashBilling provides three kinds of services which include as following:

Online payment

Pay the payment online for the Trash Bill. For this service, you need to insert your 12 digit number found in Trash Bill and enter it in the field available on the home page of After that, follow the processes and fill the payment method. The hauler verifies the requirements of this payment method, so there isn’t any need to worry about them.

User Information

The Second service it provides is the detail of your information which is provided by the trash hauler (service provider) for the use by TrashBiling to facilitate transactions. This information can we viewed by the user by entering a 12 digit number found in the trash bill.

Transaction LookUp

The third service provided by the TrashBiling is you can look up the details of your billing information by merely looking it up by pressing the lookup button, which will take you to the new page. On this page, you have to choose which type of charge you are looking up in your bank statement.

For example, if the statement reads “ CC” then the charge you are looking up is a CreditCard type, so you need to fill the Credit/Debit card portion. Otherwise, it is either Electronic Transfer and fills up the fee in Electronic Transfer form, if it doesn’t work fill up the Credit/Debit Form for the information for the payment, you are looking.

Once the information provided is processed, you will get the information on which your transaction charges performed. Trashbiling also includes additional information on its sites for user assistance with five different functions define as About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Services, Hauler Info, and Contact Us. Each part then elaborates on each usage of TrashBiling.

Additional information:

Trashbiling has clear cut processes in the confidentiality of your data. We are aware of why and who is eligible to use our personal information. The personal information on trashbiling is treated as anonymous. Information usage in trashbiling is divided into subcategories based on their usage, as mentioned below:

  • comparing information for precision and confirm it with third parties
  • offer the services and customer care you request
  • process transactions and send notifications about your transactions
  • solving disputes, collect fees and troubleshoot problems
  • avoid potentially banned or illegitimate activities, and enforce our Terms of Service
  • modify, measure, and advance our services and the content and design of our website

Critical Term Of Services:


To be eligible to use trashbiling, you must be at least 18 years old with a proper credit or debit card or a legitimate U.S. bank account.

Identity Authentication:

By using TrashBilling you acknowledge, directly or through third parties, to make any investigations we consider necessary to authenticate your identity, This may include asking you for additional information, needing you to take steps to confirm ownership of your email address or financial instruments, gathering a credit report and proving your information against third party databases or through other causes. Any of this information will be used for fraud prevention or the avoidance of unlawful use of TrashBilling.

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Q: Can I pay my trash bill with my credit card?

A: Yes, You can swiftly pay your trash bill by log into using your 12 digit customer ID given by trash hauler.

Q: What is

A: enables you to pay the bills online related to trash haulers and waste management companies.

Q: Can I pay my garbage bill online?

A: Yes, you can pay your garbage bill online by using your Trashbilling customer ID.

Q: How do I pay my waste management bill online?

A: Trash bill provided by your trash hauler or waste management company can now quickly be paid by using your credit card or bank account.

Q: Is it safe to pay bills online by using Trashbilling?

A: is a secure and encrypted website backed by specialized designed systems to protect your account details, which provides reliable and safe online transactions.

Q: How can I pay my trash bills automatically?

A: You can set up automatic payments by changing settings in your account online.

Q: Is it better to pay trash bills online or by check?

A: paying your trash bills online is a much faster and reliable way for payments than mailing the check.

Q: How long does it take for a payment to go through an online portal?

A: Usually, transactions complete within a few seconds, but it can take up to 24 hours in some cases.

Q: Can I pay my trash bill with a check?

A: Yes, do facilitate check payments for trash haulers.

Q: What kind of payments can be accepted by trashbilling?

A:  Trashbilling accepts payments through saving or checking account. It also facilitates debit/credit cards, including discover, visa, master card, and American express.

Q: How can I get a customer ID for Trashbilling?

A: You can get it from your bill given by your hauler.

Q: How payment confirmation made after paying the bill online?

A: When payment released, an automated email generates and sent to the provided email address.